Olivia and her mother circa 1995

Olivia and her mother circa 1995

My mom started Sweetie Pies with my help back in 1995. She sold it to our good friends in 2003. Last year, my partner Chris and I bought it. Full Circle. We couldn't be more thrilled.

Stop by on any given day and your likely to run into myself, Chris, our twin boys, my teenage daughter, my mom, my step-dad, any of the most recent previous owners, and/or Chris's mom or aunt. Not to mention, any one of the amazing employees we inherited when we took over.

Sweetie Pies has always been in this location and just as my mom did, it has always strived to make the best possible homemade pies using the simplest methods and ingredients. Also, in the tradition of my mom, we love to welcome our customers into the shop and get to know them. We pride ourselves on the kind of customer service that makes you feel like family.

Stop in or call. Let us help you with your craving, your hostess gift, your event, or even your pie emergency.

Lovingly Handcrafting,
Co-owner Olivia Lowery